Galtec Australia

About Us

Galtec offers a range of specialised products that have been developed with consideration to input from clients and an experienced technical team. Together with the knowledge gained from many years of association and involvement within the industry, Galtec has the background to assure our customers adequate and quality supply.

Galtec only offers fully developed product that is totally compliant with our client needs and that has been prepared under strict control in accredited premises in Australia. The raw materials are acquired from fully licensed and accredited premises that are subject to regular professional scrutiny from both Company and National Government Authorities, giving ultimate traceability to farm field or waters.

Innovation & Leadership

The company is proud of the quality levels that have been achieved and believe Galtec is second to none in the relevant niche markets around the world. Within the product range, Galtec has been able to inject an innovative element that sees us with several “world first” products that are under increasing demand.

Galtec’s scope is broad enough to encompass the manufacture and distribution of retail size, “ready for the market” products along with bulk supply to other manufacturers for their specialty needs.

Quality Assurance

Regular and detailed product analysis including efficacy, toxicity and longevity along with the routine nutritional data, microbial testing and chemical testing is routine for all products, leaving no stone unturned in the search for product safety and for the ever increasing attributes of the product range.

This brief website includes many of the product descriptions that are now developed for the range. Please contact us about the qualities of the products listed and in particular the advantages that are offered with the manufactured version of each product.